Yesterday’s dessert, Today’s dinner, Tomorrow’s lunch

The kids loved this cute treat for dessert last night

Julia Child’s Spice mix it’s AWESOME! A really great rub for chicken breast. The kitchen still smells like Julia. The Lundberg butternut squash risotto (I added some dry cranberries to it) was the perfect pairing with the spiced grilled chicken.

I bought way too many heirloom tomatoes (seriously, organic for $1.99 lb???? That’s a deal) and decided to try this almost gluten free tart.  I started mixing almond meal, 1 egg, olive oil, salt, dry herbs and whole wheat flour. Pressed it on a tart pan. Baked until brown. Sliced tomatoes on top, minced garlic, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and dry basil. Baked for another 12 minutes and here is a surprisingly filling and healthy lunch for tomorrow.

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