Hi, Hola, Oi! My name is Dominique. I am Brazilian by birth, Spanish by blood, American by choice and a bit Hawaiian by marriage. I was born and raised by ‘very’ Spanish parents in São Paulo-Brazil and I spent part of my childhood living in Madrid-Spain. I moved to Los Angeles-California from Brazil right after college and met my other half– who happens to be Hawaiian. Many years later, two kids, one dog and many meals in between here I am!


I’m a self-taught home cook. It started when I was about eleven-years-old and it never stopped. My full-time working mother was not the best cook. She did a handful of really tasty dishes but that was all she did all the time. I took over the cooking and made the kitchen my happy place.


My cooking has evolved over the years and today I cook seasonal healthy ‘family friendly’ meals with a hint of all the places I’m made of. Although I cook many things from scratch with simple ingredients, I do open a jar or a can here and there.

Dealicious Cooking

Dealicious Cooking started as a way to plan weekly menus based on local grocery store ‘deals’. Although I still plan our meals around seasonal and sale ingredients, this blog has–and is–evolving! From the very first post on Dealicious Cooking until now a lot has happened in my personal life; jobs, trips, illnesses, cures, discoveries, losses, remodels, victories. Some of the stories are here. Some are still developing.

The Real ‘Deal’

I’m not a writer. I’m not a photographer. I’m not a chef. What you see here is what my family eats. The food I post is the food I eat. I may spare you of some recipe fails and blurry pictures, but what you see here is what you would get if you happen to walk into my kitchen right at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by and checking Dealicious Cooking!

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