Changes – but not in the menu

I’m starting a new job in 2 weeks. The last time I had anything to do with the Corp world was in…let’s just say, a long time ago. The opportunity kind of stumbled upon me and next thing I know I was signing the offer letter. I feel fortunate, excited, nervous and kind of lost on a emotional trip that it’s just not worth it to describe because after all this blog is about “dealicious cooking”.

I’ll continue preparing home meals according to whatever is on sale. Because I’ll no longer be afforded the luxury of traveling from one market to the next in order to maximize our food shopping savings, I’ll have to be extra good about picking the market with the best deals.

If the whole working-cooking-mom succeeds I’ll consider investing in a freezer. Meanwhile, I’m going to use the space I have in our small freezer wisely. Beans, meatballs and stews are on my list of foods that freeze well and can be stocked in small quantities.

The real challenge will be to ignore the MEGA Whole Foods I have right by my work and just try to take reasonable advantage of it.

Wish me luck!

Here is what we’ve been eating lately:

Spanish Tortilla with zucchini (Potato, onion, zucchini frittata)

Frango Ensopado (Chicken thighs cooked in the a mushroom-onion-bell pepper broth)

NY Steak, pear walnut balsamic salad and roasted purple potatoes