12 pics of 2012

I can’t really find the inspiration nor the right mood to tell why there was such a big hiatus. Who cares, really?

I’m still cooking…most of the time great food but sometimes angry food. I no longer go food shopping every Wednesday. Rather, I run out of food (or fun) and I hit Ralph’s, Costco, Von’s, TJs and occasionally Whole Foods. I clip coupons…and most of the times forget to use them. I do shop consistently what’s in season and what’s on sale. Budget? Ah, I tried hard, but it’s more challenging than I thought.

So the “deal” part of “dealicious cooking” is still valid but no longer the focus of this blog. I’m still shopping and cooking sensibly but the real “deal” is…I love to splurge!

Although, I’m documenting some of my cooking, eating and drinking moments on Facebook, it has been basically one year without sharing here. I’ll post one picture a day for the next 12 days of some of these moments. No recipes (I rarely follow them anyway). Just my best 2012 food memories. I hope you find some inspiration or even entertainment in it!

I’ll start with this insane Chorizo & Mushroom Crostini.

(Chorizo (from Whole Foods meat counter)+red onions+Crimini mushrooms+shaved Manchego cheese+cilantro on top of toasted ciabatta bread.)


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