Quick sometimes is not easy

I’m still trying to find a balance between my new job and my old job as a stay-at-home Mom. Keeping up with the house chores, homework, kids schedules, food shopping and meal preparation is not easy when you have to work. I figured out that grocery shopping and cooking do not go with the adjectives QUICK or EASY.

I went to the 99c Store to find birthday paraphernalia for my son’s party and I was surprised to find beautiful Pasilla chiles from Mexico. They were probably full of unpronounceable  pesticides, but I overlooked the cons and turned them into filling for delicious 20-minute tamales.

Along with the chiles came Organic Earthbound spring mix salad, Brazilian Bauducco cookies I grew up eating and some Valentine’s decorations. Each only 99 dealicious cents!

Last week I tried my new ceramic fondue pot from Crate and Barrel. It’s beautiful and it works! It was the first time the kids had fondue – what’s not to like about dipping little bites of food in cheese sauce?

On the ‘trying new things’ note, I made Farro for the first time last Friday. After overcooking it, I decided to make Farro risotto instead of salad and it turned out ok. Added roasted apples, fennel, Gruyere cheese and plain greek yogurt. Far from fabulous, but definitely good. Served with orange glazed pork chops and blood orange tequila sauce.

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