Week 5: at the Islands

Our time in Hawaii was amazing. Kids ran free at the beach, no TV, clean air, sunsets, dancing in the rain and even a rainbow. I’m so grateful for this magical family time, for nature that I often forget to connect with and for the contagious aloha spirit. I got my share of Poke, Poi, Lau Lau, my dad-in-law unbelievable Portuguese Bean Soup and papayas…sweet juicy delicious papayas.

I had some time to visit Whole Foods Kahala store and I was delighted to see so many options on local organic produce, mostly from the Big Island.

We made a quick stop at Hilo farmers market, but it was enough to make me wish for a stove in our hotel room. The eggplants…oh, the eggplants…so many types, colors and shapes. I wanted to cook them and eat them all.

We ate at Huli Sue’s in Kamuela (Waimea area) and if you ever in that part of the Big Island make sure you stop by. Their food is super fresh and the banana cream pie is ridiculously good.

We all had a hard time leaving the islands but I have a feeling (or maybe just a very strong hope) we’ll be coming back pretty soon.

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