Week 4: No plan is a good plan

Between the personal and the working projects I’ve been tackling, I had no time to plan a menu  this week. The inspiration is still alive but I’m lacking energy to go shopping and get cooking. Sometimes NO PLAN is a good plan!

I went to Whole Foods and spent $34.00 in fruits, veggies and buffalo meat for our spaghetti and meat balls dinner yesterday. Sale items: Organic peaches $1.99 lb. and watermelon 29c lb. You may find cheaper watermelon at Sprouts or Ralphs but I just don’t know how to pick a good watermelon. The taping and knocking technique never really works with me and I rarely pick a bad watermelon at Whole Foods. It could be luck or just plain good quality.

So tonight’s dinner will be baked beans out of a can (yeah…kill me), mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets out of the freezer (I know…kill me twice). Steamed cauliflower, broccoli, spinach salad, lots of fruits and take out tomorrow is part of the NO PLAN plan too so you can exhale now.

One thought on “Week 4: No plan is a good plan

  1. My kids love her organic lentil soup! In general, I try to stay away from cans as well but once in a while…they are just great “save me in a pinch”. We also do canned chili over pasta with some cheese – from our college days…and the kids love it! 🙂 (especially when they get to grate their own cheese)

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