Week 11: Coupon clipping nonsense

Clipping and using coupons can be a complicated and very impractical routine. I hate it. I try to be organized and even use coupon folders, envelopes and other dumb tools. I tend to leave a trail of coupons whenever I go shopping – some in the car, some on the kitchen counter, my yellow bag, my black purse, my pockets. Who has time to clip coupons from lots of different sources, categorize and organize them? Seriously. It’s time for the Unicard, where you can electronically clip all coupons you can find and put it in one single card or even app. How hard can that be?

On a not-so-bitchy note, I did serious damage to my grocery budget this week but I also saved $58.00 with coupons and Vons Club Card. I spent $160.00 at Von’s for our week meals and other pantry items and $46.00 at Sprouts for gourmet Friday.

From Vons: Fresh caught Pacific Red Snapper $4.84, Broccoli c77 lb, Organic Delicata and Sweet Dumpling squash $1.49 lb, Organic red grapes $1.99 lb, Ground Veal 97% lean manager’s special $3.00 for 1lb.

Menu week 11

Baked Snapper: On a large piece of foil place 2 whole green onion, aprox. 1lb of fish, salt, pepper, 1tsp of butter, dry celery seeds, 1tbsp of capers, 2 sprigs of fresh thyme.Wrap it and baked for 15 minutes at 380F.



Wednesday: Baked Red Snapper, roasted asparagus and mushrooms

and brown rice. Baked breaded Snapper for the kids made with Ian’s whole wheat panko.

Thursday: Big Boy’s fundraiser dinner.

Friday: See Gourmet Friday for a simple and elegantSweet Dumpling Squash Thai soup.

Saturday: Dim Sum (eat out).

Sunday: Steak dinner

Monday: Couscous stuffed Delicata squash with roasted beets.

Tuesday: Veal meatballs cooked on TJs turkey gravy,mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

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