Week 7…and 8

Ok, so week 7 was a blur. My daughter was sick for 6 days and I was grounded. Among doctors appointments and a visit to the ER, we manage to commit healthy diet crimes like MacDs and Campbell’s soups. But, hey…we’re back on track and ready to detox.

I’m planning to include lots of fresh fruit and veggies on my week 8 menu. Cantaloupe’s grown in CA are waiting for me at Sprouts for 49c each and avocados at 88c each. My son is really into cucumbers and Ralph’s have organic ones for $1.50 each. Raspberries  are $1.99 for a 12oz package at Vons.

Yes, I’m planning to hit all the above markets and work on a detox menu for the week under $100.00.

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