Week 3

I realize it’s hard to come up with a real budget when it comes to groceries. I’m in desperate need of some input and perspective. How much is adequate? How much am I really saving by cooking with seasonal and sale items? Why is organic so dang expensive? What to and how to compromise?

So, I’ll blog how much I’m spending on food per week and hopefully I’ll be able to determine a budget.

Do you have a food budget?

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We had some yummy vegetarian spaghetti yesterday. I added 2 zucchinis, left over spinach and broccoli to the sauce and blended it. The kids really enjoyed it. I really missed having some kind of protein with it. Imaginary meatballs kept playing with my carnivorous mind. So I decided this week we’re having a steak dish, and since the weather is just too cold for grilling, I’ll be making Brazilian Style Beef Stroganoff.

The shopping list for this week:

I was planning to get some avocados at 49 c each at Sprouts but they looked overripe and so did the tomatoes. I got a bag of organic roma tomatoes at $2.99 for the Orzo salad, a little over 1 lb. of organic sirloin steak $5.99 lb. for the Stroganoff, chicken thighs at $1.99 lb. for Sunday’s dinner, tempeh, mushrooms, bananas, sprouts, whole wheat tortillas, apples, onions, etc ($47.00 total). From Ralphs I got 1 lb. of jumbo shrimp at $5.49 for today’s dinner and $93.00 dollars worth of cereal, juice, bread, milk, yogurt, etc. I used a bunch of coupons I had from Ralphs, some I clipped from the Sunday LA Times and some I found online at Mambo Sprouts.

I’m planning to shop for vegetables at Whole Foods or Tj’s sometime this week. I’ll stay FOCUSED!

Menu for week 3:

Today: Orzo pesto salad with mushrooms, tomatoes and shrimp. Leftover collard greens and turkey bacon soup.

Thursday: Brazilian Style Beef Stroganoff (I’ll post recipe and pic tomorrow)

Friday: possibly Pizza

Saturday: eating out

Sunday: Chicken and vegetables stew with mashed potatoes

Meatless Monday: Coconut curry tempeh with jasmine rice

Tuesday:  leftovers and salad

I had some turkey bacon so I made wrap sandwiches for B- and me for lunch.

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