Week 2

Not all of us can afford to go 100% organic every time we shop.  I always try to stay away from those foods that come with the heaviest burden of pesticides, additives and hormones.

EWG has been publishing guides to the “dirty dozen” of most pesticide contaminated foods since 1995, based on statistical analysis of testing conducted by the USDA and the FDA.  The dirty dozen list only reflects measurable pesticide residues on the parts of the foods normally consumed (i.e. after being washed and peeled).

Here is EWG “dirty dozen” list:

1.Celery  2.Peaches 3. Strawberries 4. Apples 5. Blueberries 6. Nectarines 7. Bell Peppers 8. Spinach 9. Kale 10. Cherries 11. Potatoes 12. Grapes

Here is the EWG “clean 15” list:

1.Onions 2.Avocado 3.Sweet Corn 4.Pineapple 5.Mango 6.Sweet Peas 7.Asparagus 8.Kiwi 9.Cabbage 10.Eggplant 11.Cantaloupe 12.Watermelon 13.Grapefruit 14.Sweet Potato 15.Honeydew Melon

I try to avoid conventional versions of the dirty dozen and shift from eating foods on the dirty dozen to clean 15. Conventional bell peppers, celery and grapes are a BIG NO NO. Broccoli doesn’t retain many pesticides because the crop faces fewer pest threats, which means less spraying. Because we eat a lot of broccoli I try to take turns between organic and conventional.  Same thing for blueberries. Costco has organic spinach year-round for under $4.00 lb. and Trader Joe’s has a good selection of organic produce for reasonable prices.

I’m planning to go to Ralphs or Vons only for some pantry items this week. I wasn’t very thrilled about their deal this week, but please let us know if you find something out there.

From Sprouts:

Fresh chicken basil sausage $2.99 lb. (no nitrates, no MSG, made at the store)

Boneless sirloin pork roast $1.99 lb. (no antibiotics, no hormones)

California grown cantaloupe 88c each (and they’re BIG, ours weight 4 1/2 lb.)

California grown broccoli 88c lb.

From Whole Foods:

Bulk brown organic lentils (not on sale, but always the best price)

Organic collard greens $1.99 each

It was hard to stay focus at Whole Foods and just get what I needed, but no splurging this week. Not yet anyways!

This week dinner menu plan:

WEDNESDAY: Tomato creamy pasta with Sprouts chicken basil sausage and left over steamed spinach (from Costco last week)

THURSDAY: Green chili pork with seasoned rice

FRIDAY: Gourmet Friday

SATURDAY: planning to go to Torrance “So Fresh Market”. We’ve never been there and they’ll be having a Hawaiian Festival.

SUNDAY: make lentils and collard greens

MONDAY: lentils and collard greens

TUESDAY: no idea yet

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